Europe 2014

Posted by Mark

After a month of enjoying myself eating Texas style BBQ and learning to snowboard its straight back into it here in Perth. What have I been doing you may ask? I have been lucky enough to be touring with Adam Hall doing shows with Musica Viva around WA. We up north next week to do a whole series of shows for schools in remote districts which will be after we finish doing all the Metro shows in Perth. I have played shows with Jessie G’s new 60’s project Apocalypse Lounge as well as the regular Laneway and Mustang gig’s while back in Perth. It’s an amazing feeling to come home and feel like you are visiting your own city to then head of to go and tour again.

Speaking of touring – Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys are heading to Europe again! This time we are taking the full band and will be doing a whole bunch of shows around Germany. Check the gig guide for further information and dates but it will be a bucket load of fun and if your going to be in the area let me know and hit me up on my contact page.

Thanks again everyone for your continued support and love, this music doesn’t happen without it. Hopefully see you at a show soon!



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